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the room seem small and worn. He had not guessed that she
was the kind of person who could be still like that. Then,
while he looked out the window he was aware of her steps
coming toward him. When he heard no other sound, he
knew that she had stopped behind him. He continued to gaze
into the street, taking some pleasure in the fact that he had
not turned.

" Mr. Munn," she said.

" Yes, Miss Christian," he answered, and did turn, with a
pretence of being startled to recollect himself and his obliga-
tions. " I'm sorry."

"You see how it is with papa," she began, and fixed him
directly with her glance.

" Yes," he answered.

" You see how it is with him. He's absolutely wrapped up
in it. It's not just that he wants to get more money for his
crop, jou can see that. It's something else, Mr, Munn."

* He just wants his rights," Mr. Munn said.   " People do."

st I suppose so," she said.

" Suppose," he echoed her, with a defiant vehemence. " It's
a fact. Nobody's had his rights around here in a long time.
Nobody who raises tobacco, and that's about what everybody
lives on. Prices way down below the cost to grow it, and the
buyers and the companies talking mealy-mouthed about it not
being their fault, about times being bad, and not being able to
do anything about it. Mealy-mouthed talking, and good as
putting a pistol on a man at the same time." He stopped
abruptly, paused, then added, almost as though to himself:
"The dogs."

" I'm not defending them," she said, and he thought that he
detected the hint of a smile on her face.

" There's no defending them," and he heard his voice again
mounting, despite himself, in that unnatural vehemence.
" Not when everybody knows those buyers, or most of them,
have got this country carved up in districts, every one of them
with a district, and no other buyer will bid against him in
that district. They've got it sewed up, all right," He looked